Saturday, April 5, 2014

This week we...

     This week, I haven't officially checked anything off the list. I finished sewing some fitted toddler sheets into flat sheets for the toddler bed, leaving the bottom third fitted so the kids can't kick the sheets off the bed in the middle of the night. This cost $12 for each set (2 fitted crib sheets) to purchase, and by turning one sheet in each set to a flat sheet I made bargain toddler sheets. So, now I can have match the room perfectly instead of having character bedding that each kid may not like, and saved over $40 from having to purchase designer solid toddler sheets. Thank you, Target, for coupons and a great weekly ad.

     I've been compiling the paperwork for our family profile, and filing out more background checks for all the counties and states I've lived in the last five years. Foster training classes are over and the real work is just now starting. The kids room still  has a huge pile in the middle to be organized. I still have to find a place to move all the office stuff. I'm hoping to get everything organized and in place in the next few weeks so that I can post a master list of all the paperwork and to do list items needed to make it through foster parent training and approval... but I'll wait until we get our final approval before posting all that for you.

     There is a box with bunk beds sitting out in the garage. I'm considering returning them. DH talked me into getting them, but I'm not sure I'm convinced on the color. I'm thinking I want to continue the white furniture though all the bedrooms. DH did make a good point though- if we have boys join our family, that are anything like DH, they may not like the "clean, girly" white. Haha! This is true, I suppose. I'll wait until DH gets back from his temporary military deployment to decide. It can sit in the project filled garage until then, while I work on the house, classes, foster paperwork and work. I'm so excited to get this underway and make some progress.

               Next to the closet in the kids'                     Some accessories for the
               room, activity table and                              rejuvenated glider.
               stuffed animals.

                                 The fabric Madre got us to make quilts for the kids.
                                 I'm about halfway done with one, and I can't wait
                                 for finals to be over so I can get back to work on this
                                 precious project.

As always, thank you for standing with us in prayer as we continue this journey. We are so very thankful for all the notes and emails of support and encouragement! .... and hand-me-down clothing, we are so very thankful for all the children's items that we have received. It has been such a blessing to us and fellow foster parents in our area. We can't possibly thank you enough.