Foster Video- partially narrated by Jimmy Wayne (Country singer):

General information about becoming a foster parent in the state of North Carolina:

Other ways to give back in your community-

1)  Toys for Tots: My husband became involved with this charity Christmas toy drive through his work with the Marine Corps League. He brought his passion for this into our marriage, and our family has been involved ever since, both collecting and sorting toys. This year, my husband is running the drive for our county and we will be more involved than ever. The next time you are out shopping, and see some great toy on sale, consider picking up a few and save them for the drive next fall. Toys can be dropped off at most VFW posts, fire houses, and other collection points late September-December (i.e. Walmart on Black Friday, especially, just look out for the military personnel in uniform).

2) "Sprinklings": Not a shower, just a sprinkle. No party, just a kind gesture of encouragement and support. If you know any foster parents, show them some love. Not many get to have baby showers, but they still need all the stuff, and MORE because chances are they are licensed for a larger age range like 0-14 years. A sprinkling, though most notably for women having  mini-showers for their second or third (+) babies, doesn't mean you have to go spend money. Chances are the foster parents can use any lightly used items you have to pass along, and, if they can't, they can certainly find someone who does at their local foster support and group meetings.