Our Little Family

Dear Husband (DH): My complete opposite, together it's like we make one complete person. He covers my faults and I make up for his. I think that makes us pretty perfect. He is an avid reader, and frequently goes through a book or two a day. Yes, A DAY! Praise the Lord for libraries! I love that about him. Oh, did I mention he does most of the cooking?! Seriously, like 90%! I am so beyond blessed to have him be mine.

Chelsea (Me): I am OCD when it comes to organizing life. I could not survive without my lists, binders, spread sheets, and post-its. If I've learned anything in my lifetime, it's that life doesn't fit into a  perfectly designed excel spreadsheet. Though sometimes I wish life could bend to satisfy my neuroses, I know that my life has been perfectly designed by He who has a greater plan than I could ever foresee.

Red (Chelsea's kid sister): Nicknamed for her firey-red hair, and the attitude that accompanies it, she is such a force of energy in our home. I LOVE having her here! Sure, she's a teenage girl that has emotional highs and lows daily, if not hourly or in 5-minute intervals, but at the end of the day, I am so blessed to have her. We usually end up doing double homework every night, but hands down it's worth it every time to get to spend so much priceless time with her that I missed out on in the past, when I was already away at college and she was still back in early elementary school. I absolutely love having her here with us.

Sergeant (40-50 lb. American Pitbull Terrier):  He's our big, tough, guard dog, however, he is also the biggest, most precious fur baby ever. We rescued him for DH's birthday/Christmas, shortly after getting married. I had just started a rough patch of Lyme treatments. Sarge had parvo and almost died twice within a week of our adopting him. So, for the first 6 months we had him, he spent everyday wrapped in a towel snuggling with me in a sleeping bag on the living room couch- sleeping or watching TV, until we had both recovered. So, he's spoiled rotten, begs for food constantly, LOVES loooooooooooooong and FAST walks, and destroys EVERY chew toy, BUT he has the biggest, snuggliest heart for our family EVER... and we get a good laugh when the UPS guy runs away from our door a little faster than the neighbors' as Sargie slides through the foyer crashing into the front door.

Sibling Group #1-

  • Foster Daughter 1: age 6, our former foster child, still currently in foster care
  • Foster Daughter 2: "Giggles", age 5, quiet until you get to know her, then she giggles her way right into your heart.
  • Foster Son 1: "Little Man", age 3, constant source of laughter and entertainment, my little shadow and mommy's helper.

*Please note that in order to keep our privacy intact, we will not be sharing the real names of any of our family, friends, trainers/social workers, or children.*