Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13, 2014- Updated Post from August 8th

     Our amazing licensing SW found a technicality in our paperwork that gave us more time to get my two out-of-state checks run. She found that we can go 180 days from the first form we signed, instead of 180 days from our first day of class. This bought us a couple more weeks to correct the last bit of paperwork and resubmit it.

     Well, my out-of-state central registry check came in. However, we found out what the problem was with the other form. I had received the correct form from our SW, but our SW and I had filled it in incorrectly. Based on the specific form I had filled out, my social worker could not run the background and crimes against minors registry check on me. The form and payment were returned, and we mailed back the corrected form with the addition charge and the information for me to run the check on myself. It's summer, so the woman in the police office in charge of running this paperwork and sending us the results is on vacation this week, the week this is all finally due to state. We have stretched our grace period as far as possible, and we are praying hard that everything is taken care of by the end of the week so our finished application can be sent off to the state for our official approval and licensing to be foster parents. I'm obsessed with the mail. I love getting mail, and I can't wait for those letters to come. In the mean time, I have been nesting like a crazy person.

     The dreams are the worst of it. Ever had absolutely ridiculous dreams that are so real you wake up in a panic? Well, that's me, for the past month. Since Red has been home with my Mom for summer vacation, my days and nights are backwards again, it's an insomnia/Lyme Disease thing (nothing new). I sleep in the mornings after getting DH off to work and Sargie settled after a morning walk. Then, I wake up, heart pounding a million miles a minute, after dreaming completely nonsensical things. This morning I got in about half an hour before I dreamt that we received our first placement and the system I came up with for organizing the extra kids' toiletries last week didn't work as effectively as the system I had used before it, so I couldn't find the toothpaste, all my teeth rotted and fell out in a matter of seconds. A man in a white coat rang our doorbell and kidnapped me. He was a dentist trying to give me dentures. For the first time EVER, I woke up crying I was so upset. I've rearranged the toiletries at least 20 times in the past 7 months. The organization may change, but the location does NOT. All the children's toothpaste is in the same bin as their extra toothbrushes, and the bin with my toothpaste is underneath my sink. No worries there. BUT.... anyone who knows about my friend and I's encounter with my grandpa's teeth our Christmas in the 4th grade, knows that I am deathly afraid of dentures and the idea of bad teeth. I'm obsessive about my teeth. So.... I'm sitting in the nursery rearranging everything again. After Nick goes to work I'll probably rip apart our bathroom and reorganize that as well, so I can get some peaceful sleep this afternoon. Call me crazy, but at least I'm productive. 

     I'll be calling the police headquarters again today too, in search of any news on our paperwork. I'll do my best to update again soon.

**On a completely different note, 4 years ago this guy was afraid to work in the church nursery with me because he was afraid of babies. He said he was afraid he would break them and didn't know what to do with kids too little to play sports. Haha! Only took him about a month to change his mind, but reminiscing on our 2nd wedding anniversary last night had me in fits of giggles, so much has changed. When we work in the nursery now and I want to hold a baby, that he is holding (because I can't just hold one, I have to hold as many of them as I get a chance to), I am swiftly given "the look," which means I'm happy holding this baby and you are absolutely crazy if you think you're going to take it from me. 

And since he didn't let me post any pictures of him yesterday, on Thankful Tuesday for our anniversary, here is a super adorable picture of him getting a baby, that wouldn't give me the time of day, to both smile and giggle for him. Haha! I love this man! DH, I am so beyond thankful for you and excited for this next adventure to start rolling.

Can you believe this was 2 years ago?! Wow! Time flies.