Saturday, May 3, 2014

Final Push towards Home Study/Inspection

Last week my Madre (Mom) came to town and helped with several projects while Dear Husband was away on Annual Training with the Marine Corps. We were able to almost finish the quilt for the kids' room, set up the crib and bassinet, get all the sheets washed and on the toddler bed, and began refinishing the kitchen table. We also bought large plastic totes and sorted clothes by size, gender, and season to determine what we have and what we still need. As organized as I am, I was shocked to see how many holes we still have to fill in the next few weeks.

I was surprised to find that we still need:
- Clothes
      Girls' 9mo-18mo all, 24 mo summer, 4T- children's 4/5 all, 6/6x/7 winter
      Boys' 9mo all, 2T-4T summer, 5T-children's 6/7 all
- Books for all ages
- Toys for all ages (we already have toddler golf sets, balls of all shapes/sizes/kinds, small tricycles, and art supplies)

This week we ordered:
- Collapsable highchair for the younger children (that will not be able to support themselves in our wooden restaurant-style highchair) and a booster seat (for children between the wooden highchair and being able to reach the table from a regular chair)
- Changing Pad Covers
- Carseat Booster (We already have 2 infant carriers and 3-stage transitional seat, but we needed an extra in case we have two children that require boosters)
- Second set of crib comforter, sheets, etc.

We have a large array of bedding options to accomodate children of all ages:
- 1 Infant crib/large bassinet (good until they start wiggling, ~ 0-3 or 4 months)
- 1 Crib (the one from GDad's house, used by myself and all my siblings)
- 1 Toddler Bed
- 3 Twin Beds (2 with bunking potential)

      So, even though we have 2 possible rooms and 6 available beds, the law requires that we not have more than 5 children in our home at a time. Since Red is kid #1, that means we can be licensed for up to 4 additional little ones, but our capacity is capped at 3 because that is how many seatbelts I have in the back of my SUV. I learned to drive on a minivan, and as a teenager swore I would never drive one again, but now I find myself longing for one. Haha, what a difference 5 years makes! Likewise, the state requires we be 10 years older than any child in our home, so that means we will be licensed for children ages 0-13 years old, with a preference for children 0-6 for the first couple years. We want to learn the ropes on the little ones before we expand our age range to include preteens and teens, and Red has expressed an interest in having younger children around the house, old enough to play with but not old enough to be in competition with her in school or sports.

     DH is pulling an all nighter out at the county's Relay for Life. I'm here at home preparing a final to do list. Later today, I have 2 youths from church coming over to help us paint and complete some projects. It's all hands on deck as we make our final push towards licensing. Words can't express how excited to are.