Friday, March 14, 2014

We're Halfway There, OH, Livin' on a Prayer...

Thanks to Bon Jovi for the inspiration to get through this week.

The to do list was already backing up, but this week we added more to the list than we took off. The Fire Marshall's office came by class to tell us about what we need to have on hand and around the house in case of emergencies.

In the house:
Secondary Heat Source
Disaster Supply Kit (highly recommended)
First Aid Kit
Smoke Detectors
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Working Phone Line
NO Double Key Deadbolts
Emergeny Fire Ladders (2nd story bedrooms)

Mounted in the house in plain view of all family and guests:
Fire Extinguisher (at least a 1A is required, but going up a size to the 5lb is recommended)
Evacuation Plan
Emergency Contact Numbers (911, Poison Control, Emergency Services, etc.)

Necessary Certifications:
First Aid

Luckily, we have most of this covered, but there is still a ways to go. I guess it is about time to type up a master to do list and start checking things off one at a time. Nervous excitement doesn't begin to cover how we are feeling at the moment. Staying positive and speaking the good into existence this week.

Please stand with us in prayer as we complete my job interviews, DH's overtime, makeup school work (DH, Red, and I), foster training workbooks, our family profile, household projects, and the kids' room. And especially pray that we get most of it done before DH is deployed in April, so I have helping hands to get it done sooner, instead of struggling to finish by myself before our deadline.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!