Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last Home Visit before Official Licensing

In our state, visits, or inspections, are required from the Fire Marshall and the county DSS social worker for licensing. We passed with flying colors on the fire inspection. The first visit with the social worker went pretty well, but we still had some work to do- mainly the garage, which was filled to the brim with unopened moving boxes, old furniture, military gear, wedding decorations and accessories leftovers, clothing and other items to be donated. There was a small path from the kitchen door out to the driveway, but by no means could we fit a car, or even a bike, in there. Two yard sales and two trash days later, we still have a large pile, but it is mostly items we could donate. We are filled with nervous excitement as we prepare for the visit from our licensing social worker in just a few short hours.

T - 6 hours, 5 minutes and counting....  7:45 am can not get here soon enough!