Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Story Time- Finding Myself in the Middle of Nowhere

How did I end up where I am?

All I can say is it must have been the hand of God because I can't say as though there was a lot of solid thinking behind the decision. It was a phase my life where I needed space to go figure out who I was and what I wanted out of life. The college I wanted to go, Lee University, to was too far away, and Liberty University was too close to home. After searching through a few more college brochures I got in the mail, I found a college that was basically what I was looking for, and half the distance from home as Lee.

GDad (what I call my Grandaddy) drove me down for the campus tour in the pouring rain. We stayed for a whole hour- 1/2 an hour listening to the President babble on about programs and a half hour waiting for rain to subside so we could take a tour. GDad said he was ready to go, so we left. We never took the tour, just saw a parking lot and a teeny tiny concert hall in a town so small we went through the one stop light in town and drove past the college the first time around without even noticing it, and (BAM!) I chose to go there. Haha! A little crazy, I know, but I met Dear Husband somewhere along the way and hopefully I'll finish those pesky last 7 credits in the spring, so I'd say everything worked out beyond my wildest dreams. I'll go ahead and hand the Good Lord the credit on that plan, because He knows I tried to have one, but there's a reason His plans are better than ours.

It didn't take long at all to get involved in clubs, accidentally turn into the handywoman for every dorm I ever lived in (probably because I was the only girl with tools and the knowledge to use them- and I lag major skills compared to all the other tool savy members of my family), deliverer of soup and crackers to sick residents, diversity executive on the campus activities board, and so on and so forth--- but I always ended up back in my real passion- child care, which is where our lastest adventure begins.

(I'm headed off with DH to sort toys for the Marine Corps League Toys for Tots drive. I'll be sure to post again soon.)